2nd Edition: NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests™ event

6-10 March, Sophia Antiplolis, France

2nd Edition: NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests™ event


EENA, in partnership with the ETSI and with the support of the European Commission, is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests™ event taking place from 6 to 10 March 2017 in the ETSI premises, in Sophia-Antipolis, France.




about the event

The concept of "Next Generation 112" (NG112) has been identified as a potential answer to the increasing requirements and demands of content-rich emergency calling.

What are the objective and scope?

The goal of the NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtest event is to validate the interoperability and conformity of a variety of different solutions on the market using different scenarios and test cases. The tests will be based on the Next Generation 112 Long Term Definition document (NG112 LTD), 3GPP, ETSI and IETF standards.

Whereas the first NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtest focused on voice and geo-localization, in this second edition, the scope is extended to content-rich emergency calling with existing IMS/RCS services such as:

  • video calling
  • instant messaging (1:1 chat, group chat)
  • file transfer (ex: video,etc…).

The purpose and scope of the NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests is to trial independently and jointly all components of the 112 communication chain based on NG112 networks such as:

  • location & location based call routing
  • audio, video, real-time text
  • policy based routing
  • LTD functional elements
  • recording and logging.

Why attend the 2nd NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtest?

  • On-site and remote test sessions on emergency communication equipment will be offered
  • The testing campaign will be based on the use cases developed by ETSI and EENA
  • This is a unique chance for vendors of emergency communication equipment to test their product against different implementations and scenarios
  • Vendors can assess the level of interoperability of their implementations and verify the correct interpretation of the related specifications.

Register to the event!

Registration to this event is closed.

The first preparatory conference call took place on 27 September without a requirement of prior registration to the event.



We look forward to seeing you at the
2nd NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtest!

Should you have any questions or queries, please contact Cristina Lumbreras at EENA or the ETSI Plugtests Team at

Event dates:
06-10 March 2017

650, route des Lucioles
06921 Sophia Antipolis


Technical Director