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AML deployment: Excellent progress in Europe

Improving caller location in an emergency:

2016 promises great advancements!


EENA is very happy to provide an update on the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) deployment in Europe.

Using GNSS and Wifi data from a mobile phone, AML enables the emergency services to locate directly the caller in distress with an accuracy level within 50 meters. An SMS is sent automatically, instantly and free of charge from the mobile phone to the emergency response centre, containing all the necessary location information.

In the United Kingdom, more and more smartphone manufacturers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are involved:  BT, the mobile networks EE, O2 and Three, together with HTC, Sony, Alcatel and Samsung handsets, have already successfully implemented AML, which is up to 4000 times more accurate than the current system used. As a result, this innovative technology saves lives, time and money. No investment is needed as AML simply takes existing data and has it delivered to the existing 112 emergency call centre.

Several MNOs in six (6) countries have ordered AML-ready smartphones and are testing AML, or are about to start testing.

We anticipate that ten (10) countries will be AML-ready be the end of 2016, allowing for the better protection of many of our fellow citizens.

Find out more about AML here.