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Holiday season brings 112 Awareness Campaigns

Traveller safety is fundamental.

Let's raise awareness of 112 together!


Travelling in the European Union (EU) during the holidays? There is only 1 number to remember!

Raising awareness of the European emergency number 112 is a key-tool for the safety of travellers. In February, EENA launched the 112 Air Campaign, with airlines and airports around the EU committing to provide information to travellers about 112.

But we want to do more… That is why, in cooperation with campsites, Erasmus agencies and tourism agencies from around the EU, we joined forces to educate travellers about the European emergency number 112.

The message is simple:

We would like to thank all participating organisations for their valuable efforts to protect travellers.


Find out more about the 112 Awareness Campaigns

Would you like to know more? Learn about the participating organisations and view the gallery of actions here.

Join us and contribute to travellers safety everywhere in the EU!

Would you like to join us in raising awareness of the European emergency number 112? Then please contact Petros Kremonas at pk@eena.org.