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Update on EENA Technical Committee

You can find below two of the upcoming publications of the EENA Technical Committee:

Update of Transition documents

This document is an update of the previously published NG112 Transition Models document: The upgrade of the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to Next Generation 112 (NG112) technology will most likely be done in phases over a period of time. This phased approach helps to reduce risks for migration while providing increased benefits to citizens and emergency providers at each step. The aim of the NG112 transition documents is to define, how to migrate from existing E112 implementations to an NG112 network architecture able to support all citizens with a range of communication needs and functions.

The Internet of Things and 112

As our society has become more connected to each other, the devices we use in our daily existence, a concept known as ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT), formed and evolved into existence. Simply put, the IoT is a concept where devices, people and animals all become connected endpoints in a massive universal Internet, or network of networks.
But a new trend is emerging, that is taking connectivity a step further, which is the concepts of IoX, or the Internet of Whatever.

What defines IoX? Simply put, there is a reasonable expectation that Internet connectivity is ‘always on’ and that everything is connected either directly, or through an adaptor. Adaptors handle the conversion from ‘IP-to-X’ and ‘X-to-IP’, hence capability to provide connectivity to the IP eco-system, from nearly any non-IP device. (a.k.a. the internet toaster).

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