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Update on EU projects

EmerGent project

EmerGent has completed its first year and the consortium is very excited with the results so far and the upcoming work and project outputs! If you want to receive a brief summary of what has been achieved so far, you can subscribe to the EmerGent newsletter due very soon!

Following the survey results of emergency services staff attitudes towards social media, EmerGent is now conducting a survey for citizens and a preliminary look at the responses has pointed out very interesting results. For example, 47% of participants have used social media to find out information regarding an emergency and 50% thought they would do so again in future.

Moreover, the EmerGent project joined the EENA Conference 2015 on 22-24 April, where Thomas Spielhofer and Gasper Bizjak presented most recent findings of the project. Also, the project’s team presented EmerGent and its objectives at the EU Project Symposium at the ISCRAM conference on 27 May 2015.

About EmerGent:

The EU funded EmerGent project, which runs for 3 years, examines the positive and negative impact use of social media in emergency situations involving citizens, emergency service organisations and public authorities. It will provide guidelines and tools on how to use social media which the emergency service organisations could use during and after emergencies in the future.

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