Emergency services

The  Emergency services Staff Network (ESSN)

The  Emergency services Staff Network (ESSN) is an international network gathering emergency services and public authorities staff directly or indirectly involved with emergency calls handling world-wide.

The forum is not about a number: 112, 999, 18, 061, 100... but rather about stimulating sharing of best practices and experience between emergency services from different countries (with a focus on Europe).

ESSN members are:

  • Control room staff (call takers, dispatchers, control rooms supervisors...);
  • Technical staff;
  • Fire-fighters, police officers, ambulance staff,  paramedics, coastguards, search and rescue organisations;
  • Ministries staff  (Internal affairs, Health, Communications, Emergency Situations...);
  • Telecommunication regulatory authorities staff;
  • ...etc.

In December 2017, the network gathered over 1300 members from 84 countries world-wide.



Services provided to ESSN members:


Keep up to date with emergency services best practices

  Get in touch with all EENA members thanks to EENA online platform

  • Available all year long @ https://eenamembers.zerista.com/
  • Get in touch with more than 1,400 EENA members (including emergency services, industry, researchers) from all over the world

Receive a free yearly publication on European emergency services

  • On emergency services organisations in Europe - You can download the abstract version here
  • [NEW] On emergency services organisations in non European countries

Disseminate your tender, call for interest, call for proposals among leading solutions providers

Be informed about EU funding opportunities in the sector and avail of potential opportunities to participate in EENA project consortia

Benefit from your free tickets to attend EENA events

  • Available for an unlimited number of delegates from your organisation
  • Learn from high level experts from all over the world
  • Meet and network with emergency services leaders from all over the world
  • Network with leading solution providers
  • Learn about products available on the market

[NEW] Stay updated about products and services available on the market

  • Every six months maximum, EENA sends out a document providing an overview of the solutions of all EENA corporate members

Get  involved within EENA working groups and others

  • Participate in the development of requirements and performance indicators for European emergency services
  • Contribute to the standardisation of the Next Generation 112 service
  • Influence the standards in groups such as ETSI-EMTEL, CEN, 3GPP via EENA representatives

Influence the regulations pertaining to EU emergency services

Access to EENA's Certificate of Quality Standard that allows PSAPs to benchmark themselves


Feedback from ESSN members

"EENA is a very good platform for sharing knowledge and experience between European emergency services. All countries should learn from each other."

"EENA is doing a great job by bringing all stakeholders together! 112 is a crucial thing in the rescue service chain and everybody should work together on improving functioning of and promoting awareness about this European emergency number."

"EENA's work in the last ten years was really important to realise how 112 systems are different all over Europe. The ESSN platform made it possible for us, emergency services, to meet and exchange our experience. Now we enter in an age where we will build together a better 112 service."

"The EENA is playing a very significant role in Europe by bringing together a lot of ideas from many different European emergency services. By working together, we will have a most effective effect."



The 112 ESSN membership is free of charge and it is an individual based membership.

To join, please contact Jérôme Paris at jp@eena.org.