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European 112 Day 2015 - Actions around Europe


You may find below actions that took place around Europe in the context of European 112 Day 2015 and that have been communicated to EENA.



On Monday 11 February 2015, from 9 am till 6 pm, Manneken-Pis wore his costume of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA112). Manneken-Pis, the symbol of Brussels folklore, gets a costume during major events. On 11 February he wore the costume of the '112 Foundation' to raise awareness of the European emergency number 112.

Manneken-Pis calls 112





The event to mark European 112 Day in Bulgaria started on 11 February at 10:30 am  in the capital Sofia. The event was opened by Deputy Minister of Interior Tsvyatko Georgiev. A presentation on False Calls with examples of the most common cases were delivered in front of non-governmental organisations and pensioners, including National Volunteers Association in Bulgaria, Club OFFRoad - Bulgaria, Bulgarian Red Cross, Bulgarian Association of Victims in Car Accidents, Third Age Foundation, etc.
Representatives of emergency reaction authorities held a discussion on "How False Calls Impede the Work of Rescue Services".

In addition, the European 112 day was celebrated in the cities of Sofia, Montana, Rousse, Varna, Kardzhali and Bourgas, with a large access to media.


On the occasion of the European 112 Day, the 10th anniversary of the single European emergency call number in Croatia was celebrated through a wide range of activities.
  • Program in the National Protection and Rescue Directorate:

7 February, Slavonski Brod

Traditional fourth jogging of citizens and members of emergency services, a 5 km track along the Sava River in Slavonski Brod.


11 February, Zagreb

The 112 Awards Ceremony and Presentation of achievements of 112 System on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Single European Emergency Call Number 112 in Croatia – Zagreb, Croatian Press Club.

  • Promotion and release of postage stamp on 112 by Croatian Post, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the 112 in Croatia
  • Distribution of promotional flyers on 112 in 85.000 copies by insertion in Croatian famous daily newspaper “Vecernji list”
  • Special programs on national radio and TV stations about 112
  • The 112 county-centres:
    • Visit of preschool and school children to 112 Centres (Open Day)
    • Education program for children about 112 in kindergartens and schools
    • Exhibition of equipment and emergency vehicles
    • Presentation of achievements of 112 System to local governments and media
    • Distributing of promotional materials: 10.000 copies of promotional flyers on 112 and 1.500 copies of brochures on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the 112 in Croatia
    • Special programs on local newspapers, radio and TV stations about 112

Read the programme HERE.



This year, several regions from the Czech Republic organised open doors and radio broadcast on 112. Fire stations opened to the public and delivered presentations for children.



Estonia celebrated 112 Day by moving to the single emergency number 112. Everyone can call to the emergency number 112 for ambulance, rescue and now also for police since February 11th in Estonia.

EERC organised on 11th February a press conference which was held in the new building of the EERC in Tallinn, where the Minister of the Interior, Director General of the EERC, Director General of the Police and Boarder Guard Board, Director General of the Rescue Board and Director General of the Health Board participated. Also there were press briefings in regional centres of the EERC.

In addition, EERC also organised safety days in three cities in co-operation with youth firefighters clubs. Promotion materials were delivered to visitors, children were able to draw and held an exhibition of pictures made by them.

On 10th February, the Rescue School of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences opened its doors to the public. Call-taker is a profession and in Rescue School they learn how to handle emergency calls on three areas: rescue/firefighting, ambulance and police.

Finally, during the week of 112 Day, kindergartens participated in the traditional project of building the emergency number 112 from the snow or on the snow and to take pictures. All photos were published on EERC's Facebook time-line. Call-takers visited kindergartens and talked about 112: how and when to use the emergency number.



A press conference was held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to present “PROJECT 112”, a project of educational pack (booklet + song) given out in all schools of the EU 28 Member-States, to raise awareness about the European emergency number 112.

Henri Dès, recently nominated “112 Ambassador”, Maddalena Di Meo (Firstmed), and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) supporting the initiative, presented the project at the press room C3.1 at 11am. A cocktail reception was held afterwards.

Where: Press room C3.1, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France.

When: 11am, 11 February 2015.



In Georgia, Emergency and Operative Response Centre organised the following activities for the 112 Day:

  • Educational activities at schools with a focus a false calls.
  • Awareness raising campaign on 112 and other activities at the Tbilisi International Airport.
  • Ceremony where the free transfer of 112 GPS tracking devices to the local organizations will take place.
  • Awards ceremony for 112 call-takers.
  • Electronic banners placed on the official Facebook page of 112.

The visit of the Deputy Director of LEPL 112 to the morning TV Show took place as well. Broadcasting of the abovementioned activities dedicated to the 112 Day was covered by all media channels. On 11 February, media representatives were invited to the 112 Call Center and the materials were uploaded on the 112 official website and the Facebook page.



A reception for the public was organised in the National Rescue Centre, where the  minister of education gave a speech, the association of firemen handed out rewards for a quiz given in all 3rd graders classes in Iceland, the annual selection of the "112 call handler" was announced, the Young Caller of the year was recognised, as well as the First Responder of the year.



  • Lombardia

On 11th February, AREU held 3 press conferences in the region of Lombardy (PSAP 1 of Milano, Varese and Brescia). The President of Regione Lombardia was present at the press conference in Milan, together with other autorities. 






The conferences was alsothe opportunity to publicise the new project of "112 app". After the press conferences, journalists was free to visit the operation rooms. 

Further information on the "112 app"








European Emergency Number 112 Day in Pristina for the first time ever!

For the first time this year, Kosovo Government marked officially the European Emergency Number 112 Day. The Agency for Emergency Management/ Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kosovo, supported by the organization United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in cooperation with Municipality of Prishtina, organized on 11 February 2015 an awareness raising activity to celebrate the European Day of the emergency number 112 together with community members and children in “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina.

The main emergency service providers, including the police, ambulance services and the fire rescue services, participated in the manifestation.  Each demonstrated their work, showing their vehicles, equipment, and answering questions on operating procedures.

The purpose of this activity was to familiarise the public with the European-wide number 112, which helps protect our lives, health and belongings, said Mr. Mahir Hasani, head of the Emergency Operation Center 112 Prishtina (EOC 112 Prishtina) of Kosovo Emergency Management Agency.

“In Kosovo, this number is functional since 2001 and has a 97 % coverage. Emergency number 112 functions in 5 regions of Kosovo - Prishtina, Prizren, Gjakova, Peja, Gjilan and Mitrovica). “These centres operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”- added Mr. Hasani.

An important innovative element, according to Ms Zana- Hoxha Edip, project manager based at UNDP, was that it mobilized children of schools “Elena Gjika” and kindergarten “Buzëqeshja who marched in the “Zajir Pajaziti”  holding high their flags and balloons with 112 signs. Most children were excited to meet for the first time policemen, firefighters and emergency health workers. The public and especially children need to address emergency service with ease.


Next year the organizers aim to expand this activity further, in other towns in order to raise awareness and extend the reach of this fundamental service Kosovo-wide.



Latvia celebrated the European 112 Day around the following activities:

  • School visits - information about the single emergency number 112, contests and games.

  • Promotional materials – videos, booklets in schools, shopping centres and passenger terminals in airport.


  • Awarding the best journalists of this year, who promoted safety and the single emergency number 112 were congratulated in special awarding ceremonies in each region.
  • State Fire and Rescue Service issued a press release about the 112 day acitivities.



This year, the Lithuanian Emergency Response Cente issued a press release emphasing the issue of false calls.



Luxembourg organised media activities on TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media. This year's actions  focused on raising awareness on the issue of false calls.

112 Song broadcasted on radio stations

Info provided to Press about 112 Day (French)












The Minstry of Interior published a fact sheet on false calls on the web site of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs site ( and on the site too. This is one of the actions that was undertaken to celebrate the 112 European Day.

Fact sheet on false calls (Portuguese)

In addition, other actions were promoted by Public Security Police (PSP), through a set of initiatives in schools, as well as the publication on its website ( and information related to the 112 European Day on social networks.



The Special Telecommunications Service of Romania organised on 11th February visits from educational institutions to its PSAPs, in Bucharest and countrywide.
The 112 operators explained the pupils about the facilities and the 112 system functioning, when using correctly 112 for emergency situations, the issue of the false and abusive calls.
Also, promotional material on 112 was disseminated to public and a press release with a focus on false calls was issued to media.



As every year, Slovakia focused on primary schools with visits of emergency call centres, first aid demonstrations, education of citizens, as well as other close contact with the population, teaching and implementing advanced but not restrictive measures such as addressing the issue of contacting 112 hearing impaired persons. In addition, there was a demonstration activity on Štefánikove námestie in Bratislava, associated with the performance of emergency services and handing out educational materials and articles.



Slovenia dedicated 11th February to the operators in PSAPs. Last year they faced up to extreme weather confiitons and thus major natural disasters: sleet in February that caused major damages in forests, in electrical grid (many households went without electricity for days) and floods in autumn. No need to tell that the work of the operators was rendered more difficult as a result.

They organised a press conference in one of the PSAPs where operators presented their work and organised open day activities in all thirteen PSAPs, by inviting especially pupils and persons with disabilities as a fil rouge of the Latvian Presidency to the EU in the first semester of this year.

In addition, the House of the EU in Slovenia organsed an event to promote 112 number in order to increase awareness of the Slovenian general public on the European Emergency Number 112. On this occasion, 112 Sticker Cards were distributed and a promotion of the 112 number was made on social media.

112 Sticker Cards



Castilla y León

The actions planned on the 112 Day celebrated on 11 February in Castilla y León were:

- Press conference of the Director of Castilla y León  112 to inform about the 2014 activities of his PSAP: number and types of calls received, geographical distribution, along with an emphasis on the issue of the false calls.

- Awards for drawing contest to children. All the students of the region were invited, through its schools, and all the students who participated during 2014 in the programme "Know the 112". In this programme, the students received information about the European emergency call number, the good use of the 112 including the issue of the false calls.

- Open days of the PSAP during the week of the 112 Day. All the citizens were invited to visit the center and to attend a presentation of the 112 system. Again the issue of the false calls was approached. These open days were publicised through the press, the web and the social media.


“The Catalan government participated in the European 112 Day 2015.

The 112 Emergency Center in Reus, was held under the slogan "112 to the school." Almost 250 children visited the PSAP, so they could see how the emergency services work and handle different situations. 112 operators had told the students about the facilities and operation of the system 112, when to properly use 112 for emergencies, the issue of false and abusive calls.
Children could also raise emergency vehicles with the explanations made by the staff of Fire, Police and Medical Emergencies and Civil Protection.
In the lobby of the building were prepared various activities for children, including interactive games, exhibitions and photocall.”



The Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) participated in the celebrations of the European 112 Day 2015. The General Director of Emergencies read an official statement in which he highlighted the benefits of the number 112 for citizenship and on the correct usage of this emergency number. 
This statement, with a close follow-up by the media, was also published on the website of AXEGA (Axencia Galega de emerxencias).

Throughout the year, the 112 PSAP (CAE112 Galicia) also open its doors to schools or other groups of citizens, so they can see in first hand how the emergency services work and handle different kind of situations. 
Also in the different messages that were dissemintated to the population throughout the year, either by press, radio or TV, the Galician Government always mentioned the importance of using the number 112 for any kind of emergency that arises.  



SOS Alarm (call center) decided to involve, among other things, Vårdguiden 1177 (healthcare phone service) and the Police in the communication around the 112-day.

SOS Alarm launched a 112-game where one can receive 112-calls and try to be a 112-dispatcher. The aim is to increase the awareness about the emergency number and the understanding of the work of a 112-dispatcher. Their plan is to launch the 112 game on SOS Alarm's website and to link it further to different channels.

SOS Alarm's website

Messages disseminated on 112 Day:

  • Today, the 11th of February is the 112-day, which means that the EU-wide emergency number 112 is recognized throughout Europe.
  • In Sweden, 40% are calling the emergency number for the wrong reason. Although this is among the lowest figures in Europe it is still important to call attention to the importance of calling 112 for the right reasons. Incorrect call to 112 will prolong the help to those who are in urgent need of help.
  • You shall call the emergency number 112 only when at risk to life, property or the environment. In addition to the emergency number, there are other help and information numbers that may be useful to know;
    • 1177 - healthcare advice by phone
    • 114 14 - Police numbers for non-emergency incidents
    • 113 13 - Information Number with accidents and emergencies
  • The statistics for 2014 show that the percentage sharp emergency calls have increased by 22% since in 2010.
  • During 2014 has forwarded calls to the police increased by 10%.
  • Statistics
    • number of calls in 2014 vs. the previous year, per county, per day
    • distribution care / rescue / police / on-call priest
  • In 2014, we noted that the number of calls from non-Swedish speaking increased and the percentage of calls that are handled by interpreting agency has increased from about 50 in 2012 to about 500 in 2014.
  • The summer of 2014 was unusually warm in July. The heat continued into August, while several towns were hit by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. For SOS Alarm, this meant a load of 112 during holiday weeks in July and August with about 36 000 more calls than the same period in 2013, an increase of about 10 percent.
  • Try to be the 112 operator through our 112-game at our website.
  • Give examples of the 112 call that should never have been called.

Media that were processed:

  • SVT's morning show
  • TV4 (secondarily)
  • ABC -  local news in the Stockholm area
  • P4 Extra – Radio
  • P4 Radio Stockholm - Radio
  • P3 Morning - Radio
  • Wake up with NRJ or RIX Morgonzoo - Radio
  • Local media

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  • Press release by Statistics 2014 (number of cases per county)

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  • Pushing for the 112 game launched on their website
  • Summary text on the inside of all the activities that SOS Alarm organise externally
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