Actions around Europe - 2017

let's raise awareness of 112 together!

You may find below actions that took place around Europe in the context of European 112 Day 2017 and that have been communicated to EENA.



Manneken-Pis calls 112

On Saturday 11 February 2017, from 9 am till 4 pm, Manneken-Pis will wear his costume of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA112). Manneken-Pis, the symbol of Brussels folklore, gets a costume during major events. On 11 February he wore the costume of the '112 Foundation' to raise awareness of the European emergency number 112.

Also, the 112 Directorate of the Ministry of Interior will organise activties for children within their national campaign “kids 112”:




Bosnia & Herzegovina

In the context of 112 Day 2017, Bosnia & Herzegovina took awareness activities online, with posts on social media (for example here) as well as websites of official authorities (for example here) in order to spread the message of 112 among visitors.



The National 112 System Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Bulgaria Bulgaria will celebrate the European 112 Day in Sofia, along with the  Minister of Interior, Mr. Plamen Uzunov, the President of the Bulgarian Red Cross,  Mr. Hristo Grigorov, the Chairman of the Deaf in Bulgaria, Mr. Nikolay Ninov, representatives of emergency services and government insitutions.

Their programme includes:

  • Seminar on "Social media & emergencies: The basics of how your smartphone can help you...”.
  • Discussion
  • Visit to 112 Center


In Croatia, the European 112 Day was celebrated in a wide range of activities:

Program in the National Protection and Rescue Directorate:

10 – 11 February: in 20 County 112 Centres

  • Visit of students, preschool and school children to 112 Centres (Open Day)
  • Education program for children about 112 in kindergartens and schools
  • Exhibition of equipment and emergency vehicles
  • Presentation of achievements of 112 System to local governments and media
  • Distributing of promotional materials
  • Special programs on local newspapers, radio and TV stations about 112
  •  Publishing of National Protection and Rescue Directorate’s contents on social media profiles:

11 February, Slavonski Brod

At 11:02 sharp:  Traditional 6th jogging of citizens and members of emergency services, a 5 km track along the Sava River in Slavonski Brod.


Czech Republic

On the occasion of 112 Day 2017, the Czech authorities shared information on the common European emergency number 112, and focused on the topic of caller location and more specifically the solution of Advanced Mobile Location.



In the beginning of February,  the Estonian Emergency Response Centre (EERC) will ask kindergartens, schools and families to participate in their traditional project in building the emergency number 112 from the snow or on the snow and send the photos about it to the EERC. All photos will be published on EERC's Facebook time-line. The call-takers will visit kindergartens and talk about 112: how and when to call to the emergency number.

Also, there will be regional safety days organised with EERC's cooperation partners (rescue services, ambulance and police). A media plan including traditional media, local press and social media, as well as different events will be prepared. One week before the 112 Day, media outlets will be informed about all the events held on 112 Day.

On 10th February, EERC will organise in their building in Tallinn a press conference with the Minister of the Interior and Director General of the EERC as spokepersons. TV, radio and news papers will participate.




On 6-11 February 2017, 112 Georgia implemented various activities. Within the frames of this week, which has been announced as the week to increase the awareness, students from French School of Caucasus visited 112 call-center. Adults were introduced the working process of 112 center and got responses on the issues of their interest.

Within the frames of this week, information banners on 112 theme have been placed in social networks (Facebook, Intagram, Twitter), with the hashtags #112Georgia #112Day2017.

On 10 February, in the morning show of TV Company Rustavi 2 – Good Morning Georgia, live broadcasts were ensured. Doctors, firefighters, police officers and 112 call-takers discussed the specifics of their service live; in particular, how important is their role for the security of the country. Furthermore, they asked the population to dial 112 in emergency cases only. In order to raise awareness on the purposeful use of emergency number among adolescents, one of the livestreams was ensured from the First Experimental School of Tbilisi, Georgia. The 112 Future Call-taker and Patrol Police Officer conducted security lesson to students and introduced the rules of conduct in emergency situations on spot.

A press release was prepared concerning the existing events, which shall be spread through the TV channels and news agencies.

Video and photo materials on the activities carried out within the awareness raising week shall be uploaded on the following websites: the official web-site of 112 Georgia; the official Facebook page of 112 Georgia; the official Twitter page of 112 Georgia and official Flickr page of 112 Georgia .



In order to share information on 112 on social media, Greek authorities will share information on their official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter promotional material on 112 (posters and videos with key messages). The also coordinated with national press contacts and prepared a press release to spread the message of 112.

In addition, the 112 posters will be frequently displayed on monitors placed in the underground train stations in Athens on 11 February 2017.



On 10 February, Iceland will organise a conference on the future of 112, where social media in emergencies, the proposed theme of EENA, will be included. On 112 Day, an event will take place where several response and rescue tools and vehicles, as well as the biggest coastguard vessel and the naval rescue school, will be in display for citizens.  Festivities will start at 13:00.

After a speech by the Minister of Justice, fire-fighters will reward 9-year old children for answering fire awareness questions. Moreover, the Red Cross will hand out the annual award for First Aid by a citizen.  Last but not least, two nurses, a fireman, Search & Rescue staff and an anesthesiologist will perform songs as the "Emergency response band".



In the city of Milan, AREU  (regional emergency agency) along with local auhtorities undertook the project to enlight the Pirelli skyscraper with the inscription "112 DAY", which will remain lit for two nights.

On 11-2, all associations working side by side with 112 (Police, Carabinieri, Ambulance Services and Fire brigades, Civil Protection as well as the volunteers from different ambulance associations, such as the Red Cross) will be distributing flyers in Piazza del Duomo, Milan, to raise the awareness of 112 among citizens and tourists. The event will be opened by the official Fanfare from the Carabinieri. Throughout the day, volunteers of the different associations as well as members of AREU, will encourage people to download the 112 Where Are U app, free of charge, to be able to contact and be efficiently located by 112 services.



The Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia planned activities for 112 Day will mailny focus on students in elementary schools. Activities will be with the same aim as everywhere in Europe - to raise awareness about 112 and focus on social media usage in emergencies.

The planned activities are:
1. Officials of State Fire and Rescue service will visit elementary schools and speak about emergency number 112;
2. In cooperation with Local governments, they have been asked to publish information about 112 in their Tourism information centers.
3. Five journalists will be awarded for raising awareness about emergency number 112 in their articles;
4. All newest information and videos about 112 will be published in social media accounts;
5. There will be social media contest held in public accounts of Fire and Rescue service of Latvia.
There will be promotional handouts with 112 logo such as pencils, calendars, magnets and stickers. Posters with important information about 112 will be placed in schools all around Latvia.



On 9 February, Lithuanian authorities held a press conference on a 112 Centre with the main topic about caller location in Lithuania. Lithuania implemented Advanced Mobile Location and Timing advance methods throughout the country for all mobile networks. On this 112 Day, the focus was on the significant improvement of caller location in case of an emergency.

Examples of the press conference coverage are here, here and here.



On the 112 day 2017, the Malta Police Force will launch a new video related to the 112 emergency number on our social media such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

Also the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security will call for a press conference at the Civil Protection Department’s fire station in Xemxija to raise awareness about the 112 emergency number. During the press conference young students from two different schools, Maria Regina College of St. Paul’s Bay and St Benedict College Għaxaq,  will be present. As 11th February (11/2) will fall on a Saturday and therefore it’s not a school day, this year the event will be held on Monday 13th February, 2017.

During the press conference, either Superintendent Ramon Mercieca (who is the officer in charge of the Control Room) or one of the Sergeant Majors who are stationed at the Control Room will be interviewed by the journalists. Hence, the Malta Police Force, the Armed Forces of Malta, the Civil Protection and members from the Emergency department will be present during this event.

Apart from the above, during the school year, the Malta Police services gives several talks to children addressing the emergency number among other topics. We teach children why they should use the number and it’s importance. Also stickers as shown on your left-side are given to them to give to their parents so they can keep in a place where they can remember the number.


The Directorate for Emergency Management, Operational Communication Centre (OCC) has undertaken several activities regarding celebration of 11.2 day as the European 112 Day. For instance, on 10 February an education class of primary school students took place and the Directorate published an official statement which was distributed to all media. On 11 February print media will come out with a flyer about the number "112", what it represents and what is its role. Moreover, the same day a national TV morning program will be broadcasted where the theme will be the European emergency number 112.



For the occasion of 112 Day 2017, several schools in the region of the West Pomerania Province visited the 112 call-centre to learn about how emergency services work. Children answered test calls like emergency responders and did various activities to learn about the proper use of the emergency number, but also the basics of first aid. They participated in different educational games and in a Virtual-Reality training on emergency medical services. The centres were visited by West Pomeranian Vice-Governor Marek Subocz and the Director of the Safety Department Paweł Rodzoś, who talked with emergency call-takers about their work.



On the occasion of the European Emergency Number Day, the Romanian Special Telecommunications Service (STS) will organise, on the 11th of February, several 112-related information and education activities, as well as visits of pupils and students to the PSAPs in Bucharest and throughout the country.

112 operators will deliver the pupils and students relevant information about the features and functioning of the 112 System, the kind of emergencies that may be announced to the single number 112, about the real problem posed by false or abusive calls, and the importance and the necessity of properly use of this European Emergency Number. Moreover, following EENA’s recommendation, the visitors will be informed about the benefits of using social media in 112 promotion activities, while there will be indicated the official social media accounts belonging to the Romanian emergency agencies, where the citizens may find best practices in case of natural disasters, flooding, car accidents or medical emergencies.

For the Romanian journalists, STS will deliver a press release, to which relevant statistics will be added about 112 calls recorded in 2016 and other useful information on the Single National Emergency Calls System.



The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue and the Centre for information have decided together to further raise awaress of the European emergency number 112. They put in place unique yellow sector signs and QR codes that enable a fast and efficient prevention and resolution of incidents. One can find them by the roads, shores, water protection areas, in the areas of mass retention, etc.

This campaign will be launched in the Municipality of Bled (worldwide famous tourist destination in Slovenia) on 11 February and be visbile on the road level railway crossing and at some points by the shore of the lake.

Their plan is then to spread this form of promotion of 112 to all the regions of number 112.




Madrid 112 will activate a special amateur radio station to commemorate 112 Day 2017. This radio station will transmit in several frequency bands from short wave to UHF using a special call sign. With this action, Madrid 112 will spread knowledge about the single European emergency number among amateur radio operators and will highlight the important role radio operators play in major catastrophes around the world. Following EENA's proposed campaign, the activity will also cover social media in emergencies, to inform the targeted audience about the appropriate reaction on social media in case of a disaster.


Activities in Ceuta take place from 6 to 11 February. Throughout the week, students will be welcomed to discuss the use of 112 and to visit the emergency communications room where they will receive several educational material. Authorities will also disseminate material to spread the unique European emergency number in the local press, radio and television. On 7 February, there will be a discussion at the Gallardo Foundation of Ceuta, a centre for old people with neurodegerative deseases. On 9 February, a similar discussion will be held  in the elderly day-centre IMSERSO of Ceuta. Similar talks will take place in youth associations, focusing on the responsible use of the emergency telephone number and on how to use social media in emergencies. Different information material will be provided, as well as shared on social media.


The Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) will participate in the celebrations of the European 112 Day 2017 by publishing on their institutional webpage an official statement highlighting the benefits of the number 112 for citizens and the correct use of the emergency number. Throughout the year, the 112 Public Safety Answering Point (CAE112 Galicia) offers the possibility of visits by schools or other citizen groups, so that they can have the opportunity to see first-hand how emergency services work and how they handle different kind of situations. Also, in the different messages that are sent out to the population throughout the year, either by press, radio or TV, the Galician Government highlights the importance of using the number 112 for any kind of emergency.



In Sweden, a 112 awareness campaign has been undertaken from January 15th until February 15th. The activities held during this period are various; press activities, internal communication, a customer event on the 9th of February, the 112-award 2016, social media posts and local activities on our alarmcentres.

Press activities:
• Knowledge about 112 in Sweden (25 january)
• The number of interpreted calls to 112 increases (26 january)
• The annual statistic numbers from the 112-service
• The 112-award of 2016 (9 feburary)
• Participation in morning show on TV regarding the 112-award (9 february)
• Participation in morning show on TV regarding how children alerts 112 (11 february)

Customer event:

On the 9th of February, SOS Alarm invites professionals from the Swedish emergency services and related fields to a day of dialogue, networking and discussions regarding relevant topics. The theme of this year`s event is about the decreasing sense of public safety among Swedish citizens and how the emergency services can counteract that development thorough increased cooperation between the different branches.


The Netherlands

The Ministry of Security and Justice will take the occasion of the European 112 Day to raise awareness of the proper use of 112 to citizens.