Actions around Europe - 2018

Let's raise awareness all together!

Find below actions taking place around Europe in the context of European 112 Day 2018 and that has been communicated to EENA.

The page is updated ongoingly until 12 February 2018.



Manneken-Pis calls 112

On Saturday 11 February 2018, from 9 am till 4 pm, the Manneken-Pis wears his costume of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA112). Manneken-Pis, the symbol of Brussels folklore, gets a costume during major events. On 11 February he wears his 112 costume to raise awareness of the European emergency number 112.

The country also promotes the “app 112 BE” on the 112 day using a press release and social media.






In Bulgaria, the European 112 Day will be celebrated with a demonstration under the topic Coordination between the European Emergency Number 112 and the Emergency Response Services In Case Of Fire in Buildings for Mass Residence of People.

Date: February 9 th (Friday) 2018
10:30 -  Launch
10:30 - Opening by Minister of the Interior Mr Valentin Radev
10:40 – Address of the director of the National 112 System Mr Tsvetomir Tsekov.
10:45 - Presentation on The Perspectives for the National 112 System
11:00 Demonstration on the topic of Coordination Between the European Number 112 and the Emergency Response Services in Case of Fire in a Building for Mass Residence of People.





In Croatia, the European 112 Day is celebrated in a wide range of activities.

Program in the National Protection and Rescue Directorate:

10 – 11 February: in 20 County 112 Centres
• Visit of students, preschool and school children to 112 Centres (Open Day)
• Education program for children about 112 in kindergartens and schools
• Exhibition of equipment and emergency vehicles
• Presentation of achievements of 112 System to local governments and media
• Distributing of promotional materials
• Special programs on local newspapers, radio and TV stations about 112
•  Publishing of National Protection and Rescue Directorate’s contents on social media profiles:

10 February, Slavonski Brod
At 11:02 sharp:  Traditional 7th jogging of citizens and members of emergency services, a 5 km track along the Sava River in Slavonski Brod.



In Estonia, the whole month of February is 112 month. It's also the country’s 100th years birthday and they organise a campaign to provide a safer environment for children.

In the beginning of February, the Estonian Emergency Response Centre (EERC) asked kindergartens, schools and families to participate in their traditional project in building the emergency number 112 from the snow or on the snow and send the photos about it to the EERC. All photos will be published on EERC's Facebook timeline. The call-takers will visit kindergartens and talk about 112: how and when to call the emergency number.

Also, there will be regional safety days organised with EERC's cooperation partners (rescue services, ambulance and police). A media plan including traditional media, local press and social media, as well as different events, will be prepared. One week before the 112 Day, media outlets will be informed about all the events held on 112 Day.

On 9th February, the EERC organised in their building in Tallinn a press conference with the Minister of the Interior and Director General of the EERC as spokespersons. TV, radio and newspapers participated.



In Finland, the goal of their campaign is to promote public safety, remind people of the importance of safety issues and how to act in case of emergency.

The drivers of the campaign are the Emergency Response Centre Agency, the police, rescue services, the Frontier Guard, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of the Interior.

About 100 events are organized throughout the country (in shopping centres, schools, hospitals, fire stations, open-air markets).

The Emergency Response Centre Agency is also active on the following social network accounts:
#112paiva #112dagen #112day2018




On "European Day of 112" organized on 11 February, the National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF) supports the establishment of a number of emergency call: the 112, like in many other European countries.

The FNSPF has a motto: 112 for a single emergency number. The Federation believes that a single emergency number is important for better cooperation and true cooperation since having a single emergency number allows more efficiency and safes times.

To find out more, check the complete press release.

Other useful information here.


112 Georgia organizes a wide range of informational campaigns to raise awareness among citizens.

Campaign to reduce hoax calls
112 Georgia has succeeded in reducing the number of hoax calls in recent years and continues to deal with this problem productively. Within this framework, a social campaign "reduce hoax calls in 112" has already been carried out.

Open Door day
112 Georgia opened the door to its citizens and shared details of its work. It gave the opportunity to people to learn more about emergency service and to see the people behind the emergency number, the people who are always there to help them. In the framework of 112 day, about 100 school students were welcomed to 112 center.

Info banners
Online platforms are one of the main ways to deliver the message to citizens. Banners of various designs and highlights have been created for social networks and generally for Facebook as a great opportunity to inform citizens one more time when to call 112 and when not to, what to do in case of emergency and how to communicate with a 112 call-taker as well.

Information about 112 day and its social activities in Georgia was delivered to 2 leading TV channels by the deputy director of 112 Georgia.

Introducing an alternative mean of communication – Mob. App
On February 11, 112 Georgia launches their mobile application. Besides useful functions, such as SOS and Chat, the main advantage of the application is to define the caller location quickly that will significantly reduce the time of Emergency response.

The information about the campaigns is placed on the official Facebook page and on website with hashtags #112Day2018 and #112Georgia.



In Greece, the General Secretariat of Civil Protection undertook a press action that led to coverage of 112 Day, spreading the message of 112 as the common European emergency number and sharing information on how to use it. Take a look at this example in Greek.

Other activities were also organised around the country on the occasion of 112 Day, such as actions to inform citizens how to react during earthquakes.




According to a local public TV station SZTV (Szombathelyi Televizió), one 112 reception center will do an open day open for citizens.

The purpose of the action is to inform citizens of the cases in which the 112 emergency number is called and how to behave in an emergency. From 10:00 to 15:00, participants can gain insight into the work of the centers and have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work surfaces used by operators, to receive sharp call reception and to receive test calls. Those interested can also take part in this resuscitation demonstration and exercise, as well as health examinations.

Source: here.



In Germany, Europe Direct decided to celebrate the 112 Day in an original way.

On the 11th February, a 112 years old lady will promote EU-wide 112.

Read the story below and find out more:

Mrs Edelgard Huber von Gersdorff, who is 112 years old, recently joined as a 112 honorary patroness to support the initiative and awareness of the common European emergency number 112. She witnessed how Europe evolved from a continent plagued by wars and destruction into a community of help and solidarity. According to Mrs. von Gersdorff, “112 is the symbol of help and of European integration”. One Europe – One Number!

About Europe Direct:










Iceland has an event where they will showcase equipment from the various response teams.

They will stage a rescue from the ocean (last year the national president was rescued by Helicopter).

More information:

Besides the events, 112 Iceland is also running full-page ads in the local newspapers, as well as a teaser in the national TV station.








Note: Some of the actions were cancelled due to weather conditions.



In Italy, the online newspaper dealing with civil protection and relief, Il Giornale della Protezione Civile, published an article with a detailed explanation of what is the 112 number, how the concept was born and when it was implemented in Italy. The article also explains how to proceed in case of an emergency and welcomes the fact that 112 in Italy is a single number for all emergencies. For more information, click here.




Ireland promotes 112 at the BT Young Scientists & Technology Exhibition, an annual event aimed at second level students. The event took place January 10 to 13 this year (

The Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS) operates a stand or booth in conjunction with Coast Guard promoting 112 and emergency services.

This is supported by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE) as well as the Commission for Telecommunications Regulation (ComReg).



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) celebrated 112Day with a study entitled: "What Data Innovation Can Tell You About a city."

The objective of the study is to show how the country is working with the 112 service in Kosovo to harness the power of BigData.

Read full article: here.




The Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia planned activities for the 112 Day from 5th till 11th February. The target audience is all citizens of Latvia with the focus on children and youth.

The planned activities include:

  1. Lectures of State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia officials about emergency number 112 in schools;
  2. Videos about 112 are going to be played in Riga National Airport, cinemas and other public places;
  3. Award of five journalists who raised awareness of emergency number 112 in their articles;
  4. All the newest information and videos about 112 published on social media accounts;
  5. Social media contest on the public accounts of Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia.

There are also promotional handouts with 112 logos such as pencils, calendars, magnets and stickers. Posters with important information about 112 are placed in schools all around Latvia.


On 9 February in KlaipÄ—da city, Lithuania will have special events for 112 Day. There will be groups of visitors and children's drawing competition. In addition, the collective photo of the 112 family people will be taken outside the building. Local newspapers will also publish information about the 112 number.

The country also worked on special press releases on occasion of the 112 Day to share it with media.

Following EENA’s recommendation, Lithuania will organise open door days, like traditionally every year, in April during the Open House Vilnius Festival (28-29 April 2018) since these days are very popular among Lithuanian citizens.



The Luxembourg Rescue Services Agency has planned several actions in order to promote the European 112 day:

  1. The website has been completely renewed and launched on the 8th of February;
  2. In parallel, a press conference took place in a historical building in presence of the Minister of Interior, Dan Kersch, the Director of Luxembourg Rescue Services Agency, Paul Schroeder and a responsible of the 112, Christopher Schuh as well as his assistant Jérome Gloden. A clear majority of the national written, radio and tv press attended this press conference during which the CGO (Centre de Gestion des Operations) was presented. This room is activated in case of bigger or multiple incidents to support the operations on the field and to ease the work of our operators in the 112 room. This inauguration took place a few months before the expected national reform of the rescue services in Luxembourg;
  3. A press release was published on Friday regarding the European 112 day;
  4. A film has been produced to explain the population how the 112 works. This short movie is to be published online over the course of the weekend on social media and YouTube;
  5. Luxembourg also organised a social media day on the 9th of February since the 11/2 will fall on a Sunday during the school holiday. Authorities will use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #112day2018 and #cgdis which is the name of the future national instance after the reform.
Facebook: @servicesdesecours
Twitter: @CGDISlux
Instagram: @cgdislux




On Thursday - during the celebration of the 112 Day – Poland give a prize from the Podlasie voivode to Amelka Kondraciuk, a child who called 112 and saved the mother from an emergency.
She has already been awarded by the Minister of the Interior.
She found the phone and called the emergency number 112. She told the dispatcher exactly what had happened (she checked if her mother was breathing, tried to put her in a safe position).
I knew where to call because I like to watch TV program number 112”, explained the little girl.

Read more here.










The Regional Service of Civil Protection and Fireman of the Azores (SRPCBA) planned for the celebrations of 112 Day to energize 12 lectures in several schools of the Region during the month of February. The theme is 112 and the Emergency Operations Center.

The first schools to receive activities in this topic will be, on the island of São Miguel, in the Secondary School of Laranjeiras and on the island of Pico in the Basic and Secondary School of São Roque and in the Basic and Secondary School of Lajes Pico and the Basic and Secondary School of Madalena.

On Terceira island, the lectures will be held at the Jerónimo Emiliano de Andrade Secondary School and at the Francisco Ferreira Drummond Basic School and at Faial, at the Manuel de Arriaga Secondary School. The Mouzinho da Silveira Primary School and Secondary School on Corvo Island will also have a talk in February, as well as EBS Graciosa and EBS in Calheta de São Jorge.

By the end of the school year, lectures on this topic will be held in the remaining schools of the Autonomous Region of the Azores with active Civil Protection Club.

The region is also planning soon to launch a version of their Civil Protection App, 2.0 of APP PROCIV.

On 1st of March, it’s the day of civil protection and an awareness event will be held in the Azores.



On the occasion of the European 112 Day, the Romanian Special Telecommunications Service (STS) organised, on the 11th of February, several 112-related information and education activities, as well as visits of pupils and students to the PSAPs in Bucharest and throughout the country.

112 operators deliver the pupils and students relevant information about the features and functioning of the 112 System, the kind of emergencies that may be announced to the single number 112, about the real problem posed by false or abusive calls, and the importance and the necessity of properly use of this European Emergency Number. Moreover, following EENA’s recommendation, STS will approach the Open Doors type events.

STS delivered a press release to the Romanian press, to which relevant statistics and other useful information on the Single National Emergency Calls System.



In Slovakia, the Ministry of Interior communicates continuously to the public about the importance of rescue services, informs the public about the proper behaviour in case of an emergency and strives for excellence to ensure the protection of life, health and security of our citizens.

In the context of this broad public communications strategy, the Ministry of Interior organizes annually European 112 Day celebrations. The Ministry of Interior ensures that events promoting the European Emergency Number 112 and the work of emergency services are organized in public spaces across the country. Events are focused mainly on raising awareness of the European Emergency Number 112 and educating the public on the provision of first aid.  These events are attended by national and regional media and reported also in social media, through our social media accounts. In addition to promotional events in public places, events are organized in elementary schools of all 79 districts of Slovakia and in selected 112 PSAPs. Besides the European 112, a National 112 day is celebrated annually on 1.12. According to Eurobarometer surveys, Slovakian citizens belong constantly among the best informed about the pan–European nature of emergency number 112.



The last public opinion research shows that 70% of people in Slovenia know the meaning of 112. Together with the national emergency number 113 operated by Police, the percent is 90%.

Link to the research: (only available in Slovenian).




Madrid112 celebrates the European 112 Day by activating once again an amateur radio station with the special callsign EG4UUD.

Madrid112 highlights the important role radio operators play in major catastrophes around the world.


The EG4UUD radio station will be operating on Sunday, 11 February 2018, from 11:00 to 18:00 CET, and it will be possible to follow its activity on social networks with the hashtag #EG4UUD.


Castilla y León

Activities in Castilla y León taking place from 3 to 11 February.

Drawing Competition: "Which is for you the 112"

Drawing contest to understand what is 112, aimed at all the children of Castilla y León (from 6 to 16 years old). It is subdivided into three categories (primary first cycle, second cycle and secondary).

The participation period was open from the beginning of November until December 15. The winners are published and broadcast in the week of February 11th, 2018.

In 2017 a total of 19 schools from 8 provinces of Castilla y León participated with a total of 295 drawings.

Open Doors 2018:

During the Open Days to commemorate the European Day of 112, all citizens residing in Castilla y León can visit the 112 Emergency Center in Valladolid and receive an explanation on how it operates.

Program of talks and visits 2017-2018

Actions of diffusion of the 112 by a visit to the Center of Emergencies 112 and by means of reception of talks of formation in the educative centres.

Focused essentially on the education sector, both in compulsory education and in first and second-grade training cycles, as well as the university. However, it is also intended for other groups.


In Sweden, SOS Alarm has several activities planned for Sunday (112 Day) in social media channels. On the 8th February, the association arranged a conference with the theme “Is Sweden ready for the next crisis” which also was referring to the 112-day 2018.

SOS Alarm is active on Twitter through the hashtags 112dagen (Swedish for 112day) and 112day2018.

On the 112 Day, SOS Alarm plans to release a shorter movie about the emergency number citing that you can use it in all of EU.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands will draw attention to the action perspective of the citizens when to call 112 and when to call another number since this is an important topic in the country.

The authorities will use various media channels.


United Kingdom

In the context of 112 Day 2018, the United Kingdom will prepare a web-story in order to spread the message of 112. The will also share communication visuals, such as the picture of Manneken Pis.