All EENA Members can participate in EENA Committees, including: 


Operations Committee

  • Creates a set of requirements and recommendations for European emergency services
  • Stimulates sharing of best practices among EU emergency services
  • Reviews the different 112 models in Europe
The Operations Committee (OpCom) holds conference calls on different issues (subcommittees, national 112 Systems, etc...). There is an Operations Committee mailing list as well as subcommitees mailing lists.


View the list of EENA Operations Subcommittees


National 112 Systems' Review

National 112 Systems presentations are available to EENA members upon request. They are extended presentations covering the whole functioning of emergency services in a European country (EU and non-EU countries). You can also read the EENA PSAP Organisation document in Europe abstract on your right.


Members and chairs

The Committee is open to all EENA Advisory Board and 112 ESSN members

Meet the Members and Chairs of the EENA Operations Committee here.      

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Next Generation 112 Committee


While citizens use IP-based communications every day, emergency services are hardly reachable with other means than standard voice communications. The NG112 Committee intends to establish requirements so that emergency services can be accessed via a whole range of IP-communications. The work also aims at making emergency services more interoperable using Next Generation Networks. 
Conference calls are held every month on different issues. Dedicated mailing lists are in use. Read the NG112 documents.


Members and chairs

The Committee is open to all EENA Advisory Board and 112 ESSN members, and partially open to standardisation experts.

Meet the Members and Chairs of the EENA NG112 Committee here.     


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Legal Committee


The EENA members can participate to the EENA Legal Committee, aiming at improving the legislation pertaining to emergency communications in Europe and providing emergency services with the necessary means. Read the EENA Legal Committee documents.

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