EENA's work on emergency apps

Overview of EENA's work on emergency apps



EENA strongly believes that all apps connecting citizens with the emergency services have to fully work everywhere in the EU. To achieve this, these apps should be interconnected in a standardized way.



Imagine if emergency apps didn't just work within a small geographical territory but everywhere in Europe. That's what PEMEA is about. EENA is working towards the implementation of a Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps (PEMEA) strategy and provides regular updates via documentation on our work (see below).



EENA, together with Beta 80, Deveryware and the Developers Alliance, launched a pan-European call for applications from countries and emergency apps who want to make public safety history.

The PEMEA project was officially launched on 11 September 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The project will see real-world deployments of the PEMEA architecture in countries and regions around Europe.

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The EENA Group on Apps was launched on 23/01/2017, for stakeholders in the field of emergency mobile applications! The aim is to bridge communication and share expertise with professionals from around the world!

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Join the EENA Group on Apps by sending an email to Cristina Lumbreras at . 
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Document Description Link
112 Apps strategy The goal of this document is to describe the strategic objectives that underlie the implementation of a Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps (PEMEA) and propose a realistic plan to achieve this task with minimal delay. Read the document
PEMEA Requirements & Functional Architecture The scope of this document is to describe the functional requirements, recommend a common architecture and establish a minimum set of data to be sent by 112 smart-phones apps to the most appropriate PSAP in case of emergency. Furthermore, this document outlines some of the already available apps for emergency services in Europe. Read the document
Protocol & Procedures Specification
The document defines the protocols, information elements, rules and procedures necessary to implement the PEMEA architecture and requirements specification. It provides the XML schema implementing the message flows as well specifying the transport protocol, associated security measures and, where necessary, explicit procedures for functional entities to perform. Read the document
Approval Procedure
The purpose of this document is to provide all stakeholders (application providers, PSAPs service providers, PSAPs and aggregating service providers) the necessary operational procedures and guidelines for using the PEMEA framework. Read the document



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