Photo contest - 112 Day 2016

Theme: "Raising awareness of the European emergency number 112, together..."

Dates: The contest was active from am on 21 January 2016 until 23:59 11 February 2016.


How to participate? It couldn't be easier...

1. Post a photo related to the European emergency number 112 on our Facebook or Twitter account, together with the hashtag #ISupport112 and let us know why 112 is important to you!

2. Tag us to your post: @112emergency (Facebook) and @112_SOS (Twitter).

3. EENA will select the top 3 posts based on:

  • Originality
  • Message
  • Post reach


*For more entries of the photo contest, please check the photo gallery on your right hand. To see all photos shared, you can always search for #ISupport112 on Twitter and Facebook.

First place


2nd place



3rd place



What were the prizes?

* For details and conditions on the prizes, please check rules and disclaimers below.


We had 3 winners for the prizes but do not forget: all of those who joined, helped to raise awareness of a life-saving message:

"Emergency in the EU? Dial 112!"



Download the flyer


Rules & disclaimers

1. EENA is a non-profit European association which works, among others, to raise awareness of the European emergency number 112. The 112 Day 2016 photo contest does not seek any business related benefits of financial or any other nature.

2. The first prize is available for Saturday 09 April 2016. The winner will receive a free night in a 4 star hotel of EENA's choice in Prague, Czech Republic. Other costs related to the trip, including but not limited to travel arrangements and extra hotel charges, fall under the sole responsibility of the winner. Similarly, EENA will not be involved in any way in travel arrangements, VISA requirements, and so on.

3. The second and third prize is a 35 and 15 euros respectively gift card from Amazon. Please note that Amazon does not offer gift cards in all of their websites. Should the winners fall under this category, EENA will provide a list of available amazon websites and the winners will have the option to select the one they wish to use. The gift card will be provided via email after communication between EENA and the respective winners.

4. The EENA staff is automatically excluded from winning any prizes but can participate in order to help raise the visibility of the European emergency number 112. The staff of EENA is listed here:

5. EENA will select the three winners based on the criteria mentioned in the contest description. In order to be eligible for selection, a participant necessarily needs to post a photo that is relevant to the European emergency number 112; use the dedicated hashtag #ISupport112, tag EENA with the name indicated in the contest description.

6. Each participant is responsible for arranging their account settings as to make sure EENA can view the posts. Should privacy settings do not allow EENA to view a post, the participant will not be among those who have a chance at winning any of the prizes.

7. Participants need to make sure that they conform with any rules established by the respective platform (Twitter and/or Facebook) if applicable. Accounts with abusive, racist, and in any other way harming posts will be reported to the respective platforms.

8. Any participant can join with more than one entry and maximise their chance at winning. To consider an entry different than another, the participant needs to upload a different photo. Please be respectful of others and do not pollute social media platforms with irrelevant and automated messages, advertisements, and any other type of spam communication.

9. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter.

10. The photo each participant shares can be anything as long as it is relevant to the European emergency number 112. The participant does not necessarily need to be the photographer but in this case the photograph should be free to use by the creator. EENA is not liable for any misuse undertaken by any participant and is not responsible for confirming the intellectual rights of photographs used.




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