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EENA has developed this unique Standard to improve the overall provision of the emergency call handling service across the EU for our citizens. The programme will allow for the first time Public Safety Answering Points ("PSAPs") organisations to benchmark themselves against a Standard which is specific to their mission. The Standard will reward those exemplar PSAPs who have been committed to provide a high quality emergency call handing service.

EENA is encouraging all PSAP management across Europe to consider applying for the Standard and to take the first step on this path by requesting your own copy of the Standard, which is free of charge to receive.

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Reward & Motivate PSAP staff

Staff will be motivated to see their work being highlighted as "best in class"!

Reinforce the focus on quality; smarter working!

Vendors will react positively to the Quality initiative!

Recognition of the work of PSAP

The Certificate will show to citizens that their PSAP is "best in class"!

EENA will raise the profile of the PSAP through PR, social media, 112 Awards event, and so on!

National & international press coverage showcasing the PSAP work and quality!

Added-value advice

The process will help identify any weak spots and the "added-value" audit will give advice on how to improve even more!

The process will help create a roadmap for the future development of the service!


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Would you like a copy of the Standard?

You are not an emergency services organisation but would still like a copy of the Standard?

You can contact Cristina Lumbreras, EENA Technical Director, at

Questions? Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your right hand, or contact Cristina Lumbreras at

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