EENA launches 'Working Group on Drones' open to all interested parties: Kick-off webinar on 19 June!

EENA launches 'Working Group on Drones' open to all interested parties: Kick-off webinar on 19 June!


The topic of Drones being used by the emergency services is being described as “transformative”.

Their potential use is being evaluated by many emergency services in scenarios such as assessing buildings after/during an emergency, assisting with the management of large scale events, large fires, transporting AEDs to assist with cardiac arrest, and so on. Nevertheless, there are several challenges which should not be underestimated.

EENA covered this topic at our recent Conference and in response to this, as well as the overall interest in the topic, EENA is launching a Working Group on Drones.

The Working Group is open to all EENA Members and interested parties, and it is going to cover technical, legal and operational aspects of using drones in emergency situations.

Are you interested in participating?

You can simply send an email with your organisation information and contact details to Tony O'Brien at

The Working Group will be up and running in the coming weeks with a kick-off webinar on Friday 19th June @ 14.30 CEST (Brussels time). Details about how to attend the webinar can be found below.

More information:

You can find the scope of the Working Group here.

For any inquiries, please contact Tony O'Brien at


How to join

To join the meeting, simply follow the instructions below.

Via computer/laptop (also allows you to join via audio):
Just copy-paste the following URL on your browser and you will be directed to the meeting online:

Should you wish to join via phone/audio or via VoIP (directly from your computer with a headset), the same URL will guide you and provide you clear instructions.

If you wish to join only via phone:
Find whether your country’s local phone number is supported here:
After the phone number, please use the dial-in PIN number: 2572857#

You can view guidelines for attendees, here.




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