EU Events

Second HeERO International Conference

21-22 November 2013, Bucharest (Romania)

The conference will explain the outcomes, impact and results of the first phase of the HeERO (Harmonized eCall European Pilot) project. The nine European countries forming the HeERO 1 consortium (Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and Sweden) will present the conclusions of the interoperable and harmonised eCall system start-up developed during the last three years. The event will also look into the common European eCall standards defined and approved by the European Standardisation Bodies. Emergency services and solution providers will share their experiences and participants will have the opportunity to see live eCall demonstrations.

Attend the conference and get an exclusive insight on:
• The status of eCall deployment in the HeERO pilot sites
• The outcome of interoperability testing
• The recommendations for the large scale implementation of the eCall service in Europe.
The event will be hosted at the Hotel Novotel in Bucharest City Centre on 21 November from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

On Friday 22 November, participants will have the opportunity to attend live eCall demonstrations organised throughout the day at the Romanian Academy Library Bucharest.

The programme will be shortly available on this webpage.

First HeERO International Conference

15 November 2012, Zagreb (Croatia)

The first International HeERO Conference on eCall, a new telecommunications service aiming to enhance road and general safety, offered an exclusive insight on the intermediate results of the HeERO (Harmonized eCall European Pilot) project, the outcomes of the interoperability testing in nine countries and recommendations for implementing eCall at European level.

Since January 2011, the nine pilot sites (Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden) forming the HeERO consortium have carried out a three-year programme leading to the deployment of a Pan European in-vehicle emergency call. The eCall system is based on the common European Emergency number 112 and the European Commission recommends its mandatory implementation in all Member States by 2015.

The 200 participants from emergency services, European and national public authorities, mobile network operators and industry representatives also witnessed a live eCall demonstration in Croatia via a videoconference. The demo tested the way an eCall by various manufacturers from the Czeck Republic, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Croatia can be activated and received by the 112 system in the National Protection and Rescue Directorate.

The first International HeERO Conference on eCall was organized by the National Protection and Rescue Directorate (NPRD) Croatia, ERTICO - ITS Europe, and the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

The event was held in conjunction with the EENA Roundtable on 112 in the Balkans.

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REACH112 Final Conference

28-29 June 2012, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

REACH112 - REsponding to All Citizens needing Help - is a EU funded project aiming to implement an accessible alternative to traditional voice telephony that will be suitable for all. While people with disabilities find it hard to communicate with the existing solutions, REACH112 will provide modes of communication so that they will find a way to communicate in each situation, may it be with a live real-time text conversation, with sign language, with lip reading, with voice or with any simultaneous combination of these modes described by the concept of Total Conversation. The service will be of benefit for all.

The final conference presented the outcomes and impact of the REACH112 project ( so that countries and agencies can deploy REACH112 type of services. Please click the link below to find out more information