The 112 Newsletter, Issue 22

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European Emergency Number Association - EENA 112

First European 112 Day - 11 February 2008 - European Parliament, Brussels

Following the success of the Written Declaration on the European Emergency Number 112 adopted by 530 Members of the European Parliament, the European Parliament and the European Commission will jointly organise the first European 112 Day on 11 February 2008.

For the first time since 1991 and the birth of 112 as the European emergency number, both institutions will jointly organise the event to make sure that:

  • Europeans are informed and educated on the use of the European emergency number 112
  • EU Member States are sensitised to the need of improving 112 call handling

Several activities will be held such as a Press Conference, with the objective of informing citizens on the 112 through a wide media coverage and a 112 Awards Ceremony, with the aim to reward 112 heroes and leaders. Awards will fall into the following categories: courage of a citizen, a child or emergency services representatives, performances and results of emergency services and citizens' initiatives.

Commissioner Reding announced that she will participate along with several Commissioners responsible for the issue and several Members of the European Parliament.

Official invitations will also be sent to ambassadors and members of the permanent representations to the European Union.

EENA Advisory Board to have its first meeting during the first European 112 Day

EENA Advisory Board will start its activities in January. 2 Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, 1 Member of the European Parliament and 1 Belgium Minister (Walloon Region)have already joined the Board. Professional Users associations such as the World Health Orgnisation, the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, International Association of Emergency Managers, National Emergency Number Association and the Nordic International Network for Safety and Security have sent their formal agreement as well as 7 industry partners. Involved stakeholders willing to get more information on EENA Advisory Board are invited to contact Olivier Paul-Morandini at

Commission's legislative proposals to reform the telecommunications regulatory framework

Some weeks ago were released the proposals of the Commission on the reform of the telecoms regulatory framework in Europe. This reform involves, among others, policies dealing with emergency telecommunications. EENA is now deeply analysing the documents and will provide comments.

EENA is willing to receive the comments of involved actors. Through the EENA Advisory Board and the Membership for Emergency Services (described above), EENA will collect opinions and comments and will make them available to the Members of the European Parliament. Therefore, do not forget to join EENA as soon as possible.

Implementation of European emergency number 112: Commission VS Member States

The European Commission has recently decided to launch an infringement proceeding against Bulgaria for lack of availability of the European emergency number 112.
Some weeks after, the Commission decided to refer Poland and Latvia to the European Court of Justice since they "have failed to ensure the availability of caller location information to emergency services for mobile calls to 112". Furthermore, the Commission has opened an infringement proceeding against Romania by sending a letter of formal notice on the same issue.

Launch of a new magazine on emergency response in France

EENA welcomes with pleasure the creation of a new magazine in France named "Premiers Secours". The first edition looks at the relevant issues when dialing 112 (knowledge, caller-location, eCall) and includes a tribune from Gérard Onesta, Vice-President of the European Parliament. We strongly encourage emergency services and solution providers to submit articles!

Good Practice: Kids information and education on 112 in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the authorities involved with 112 have developped a whole set of information and education material for kids on the emergency number 112. Below is a presentation of the work done in Slovenia.

Good Practice: Training of 112 Operators in Finland

While is some EU Member States there are no standards on the training of operators, in Finland there is a compulsory training of 60 study weeks (1 study week = 40 hours), lasting one and a half year. Please find below some more information on the training provided in Finland.

Consensus Conference - 8&9 November 2007 -: Verona Charter on the rescue of persons with disabilities in case of disaster

Olivier Paul-Morandini & Gianni Petiti from EENA attended the Consensus Conference in Verona. Please find below the deliveries of the meeting.

112 Video Project Advancement

Please find below an update on the 112 Video Project led by Nuno Carvalho, 112 Award Winner during the 1st European Security Summit.

EENA Team thanks all of you who helped us succeed several actions this year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & a year 2008 as fruitful as the year 2007 !